End Users

Communications & Media

UASs are the ultimate news media and reporting tool. UASs platforms give the unique opportunity to get a bird-eye-view of any events without causing a disturbance to people or property. Thus, compared to conventional manned aircraft, UASs offer almost silent flying capabilities with the operation of electric engines. UASs can monitor events and capture footage like nothing else before. The small size and silent flying features of UASs allow you to get in close to the action, and get new perspectives for the pleasure of the viewers. Sport, traffic, demonstration and catastrophic scenes are among the market segments for which UAS coverage will bring an added-value to your media operations. UASs allow you to get excellent quality imagery and videos, from angles whom you could only previously access using an expensive and loud full-size helicopter.

As for communication, a new spectrum of applications is under development. UAS can relay communications between two cities, two regions or two remote parts of the world where satellite coverage is limited. The applications are endless, and the diversity of Michigan's terrain makes it the perfect location to perform testing for the communication and media segment.

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