UAS Michigan

Innovation Capacity

Michigan has always been an innovator. Counting on 100+ years of experience in engineering, Michigan has one of the best R&D network across the U.S. and is at or above its peers in intellectual property development:

  • Top 5 states for industrial R&D
  • University R&D spend at or above average
  • R&D conversion (patents & new ventures per dollar spent) also in line with competitors
  • Conversion of university innovation into new business start-ups at or above many peers

As for UAS, Michigan is also among the leading academic powerhouses. The state's R&D capabilities are broad and deep and cover the whole value chain from the fundamental research to the late stage of development. The academic UAS network is comprised of 10+ universities and several colleges working in multiple fields of fundamental research and application development. Among the leading academic institutions working on UAS, the state has well-renown universities like the University of Michigan, Michigan State University and Michigan Tech University. Western Michigan University and Central Michigan University are among the myriad of academic institutions also active in UAS. This diversity, the cooperation and alliances forged within the academic network, has foster UAS innovation across the state and several applications are now under development. Here a short list of the most promising fields of research that our scientists are working on:

UAS Applications & Research
  • Border Surveillance
  • Dissimilar Aircraft at Different Altitudes
  • High Altitude / High Speed Flight / Long Endurance Flight
  • Oil Spill Detection and Surveys UAS Navigation System Integration
  • Severe Weather Forecast
  • Smart Agriculture
  • UAV Design & Prototyping
  • UAV Integration in National Airspace
  • UAV Safety