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On average UASs are more cost-effective to acquire and operate, than any conventional manned aircraft. The question regarding the cost effectiveness should remain one of many operational advantages: Are UASs as effective on the battlefield than their counterpart? For most warfare operations, at the exception of dog fights, UASs are as good as any conventional aircraft! For Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (4CSR), UASs are a key component of modern warfare, and are essential to the combat efforts. Besides operating advantages, the main benefit of UASs resides in the fact that they are keeping people out of harm's way. UASs are safer, and the best asset for dull, dirty, dangerous missions. For these reasons, UASs are more and more utilized by the military. NMUASC is your destination of choice for UAS operations, with the largest airspace to the east of the Mississippi. We encourage you to visit the test site section of NMUASC www.michiganuasflighttestcenter.com/testcenter/, to learn more about our location advantages.

Should you have comments or questions, please contact an NMUASC Cluster representative today at info@nmuasc.com, or phone 989-358-9968.