End Users

Security & Border

After the utilization of UASs by the Military, security and border is the segment next in line. One of the main benefits of using UASs for the Custom and Border Patrol Agency resides in the fact that the technology can fill gaps, expand coverage, and can track objects the size of a small suitcase from an altitude of 60,000 feet. No human can see that far and satellites are costly to deploy, with coverage limited by the earth's rotation. UASs have also the ability to send real-time imagery to a ground control operator, who would then share and disseminate the information to hierarchy giving the advantage to take decision a quickly. Lastly, the range of UASs is a significant asset when compare to board patrol agents who are limited with transportation means and physical capacities. Michigan with its long northern border surrounded by the Great Lakes is the perfect location to perform activities such as testing of payloads and platforms in harsh and difficult environments.

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