Cluster Initiatives

Marketing Working Group (MWG)

The mission is to help structure NMUASC marketing material, promote the consortium assets and members expertise and drive its notoriety nationwide. The core objective of the working group is to support the board with the implementation and improvement of its strategic vision. Among the main activities, the working group oversees the development of the marketing plan, which includes an annual review of the branding and image strategy, recommend items to include in the communication plan and finally, provide coaching to the chairman and CEO. To support the Board of directors with its marketing and communication mandate, the MWG is responsible of the following tasks:

  • Per annum, review the marketing plan and make recommendations to the Board of directors.
  • Support and recommend NMUASC branding, suggest image and notoriety building activities.
  • Prepare and oversee the public relations plan and activities.
  • Collect information on industry trends, new partnerships, events, conferences and trade shows that may be beneficial for the board with its strategic planning.
  • At mid-year, meet with the board and present a business intelligence report and other findings.