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Chase Plane

Because UAS technology cannot currently comply with "see and avoid" rules (FAR 91 refers) that apply to all aircraft, a visual observer or an accompanying "chase plane" must maintain visual contact with the UAS and serve as its "eyes" when operating outside airspace restricted from other users. And regardless of FAA requirements, test protocol may require visual observation. The Test Center supplies chase aircraft with a wide range of capabilities, based upon the speed and altitude profile of the UAS. Our network of aircraft owners/operators can quickly respond to your pilot and aircraft needs with aircraft and experienced pilots, at competitive prices. Michigan has multiple flight schools, charter operators, and General Aviation (GA) aircraft that can provide a multitude of options. Primary users would be aircrafts over 200 lbs., these going beyond the line of sight (beyond the extent of multiple spotters), and flight-testing requiring close line of sight (new sensor attachments or aircraft design).

Should you have any questions on chase planes or would like to request a quote, please contact an NMUASC Test Center representative at info@nmuasc.com or via phone at 989-358-9968.

Chase Aircraft Available for Rental

Service Description
Chase Aircraft Aircraft of various sizes to meet the mission (includes pilot)
C-172 Cruise Speed 70-110kts, 800lbs Useful load, 4 seats
Cirrus SR-22 Cruise 110-160kts, 1300lbs Useful load, 4 seats, (very good visibility)Cruise 160-210kts, 1500lbs Useful load, 6 seats, (twin engine good option for over water flights)
Beech Baron 58 Cruise 160-210kts, 1500lbs Useful load, 6 seats, (twin engine good option for over water flights)
Pilatus PC-12 Cruise 210-280kts, 3700lbs Useful load, 6-8 seats, (cost-effective for the speed, 1 turbine engine)
Cessna Mustang Cruise 280-340kts, 3100lbs Useful load, 5 seats, (Twin engine Jet, best price for speed)