Rules & Procedures


The FAA will require a COA (Certificate of Authorization) for operations in the Test Range in non-restricted military operating areas. A COA will cover all aspects of the operation, including the location of the operation, aircraft information, pilot requirement spectrum analysis, and state/local government approvals.

The preparation of a COA can be a very daunting and time-consuming task that can limit the time available for many clients in completing real work and conducting UAS operations. Let NMUASC coordinate the COA process, and receive required approvals in an organized manner, allowing you to complete testing on time. NMUASC will ensure your operation meets the rules & regulations and procedures dictated by the FAA.

Our staff includes individuals who have unmatched experience in writing a wide variety of COAs, covering many different conditions. We have an excellent understanding about the process, and solid, longstanding relationships with the FAA. The Test Center has multiple COAs that cover “common” airframes and suitable airspaces, which can be accessed by clients immediately. In other cases, a specialized COA may be needed for a unique situation. NMUASC does have access to Restricted Airspace, should your mission not be conducive to the COA process.

For any of the situations described above, the NMUASC Test Center’s team of specialists can assist your organization with your COA specific needs. The table below summarizes the level of services available:

Service Description
COA preparation hourly rate NMUASC has personnel specializing in COA applications. We can write it for you, or be available to support your staff.
Normal COA 30-40 hours of work (preparation, submittal and follow-ups with FAA)
Complex COA 80-100 hours of work (preparation, submittal and follow-ups with FAA)


Should you have any questions on the COA preparation service or would like to request a quote, please contact an NMUASC Test Center representative at or via phone at 989-358-9968.