Safety Protocols

All clients are responsible to the Test Center for safe operation within the airspace. A written Safety Protocol must be provided to NMUASC by each client. The Test Center will provide an outline of the safety standards that must be incorporated into the client’s Safety Protocol, defined for each COA. NMUASC must approve each of the client’s Safety Protocols before operations can commence. An example is the use and layout of checklists, position of workstations and lost links for a particular mission, etc. Some clients may come to the center without this level of protocol, and may need support in the creation of this document. Other clients may have a safety protocol in place, but it does not fit our range environment (ex: client is in the south west and wishes to conduct cold-weather testing, but has not established protocol for icing or operations over water). NMUASC will provide experienced safety specialists to assist any client in the preparation of a specific Safety Protocol for approval.

Should you have any questions, or would like to receive a quote, please contact one of our Test Center representatives at or via phone at 989-358-9968.